Harry Wu speaks to Emerson Prep students on human rights

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Tours

Laogai Research Foundation founder and executive director Harry Wu and shared his story with 7 students of Emerson Preparatory School, after they received a tour of the Laogai Museum.

The high school students were enrolled in an honors seminar entitled “International Human Rights: History, Ideas, and Practices”.  The visit was designed as part of their midterm assignment, prompting the students to ask intelligent questions of Harry and museum guides.

The course, according to its description (click on Course Descriptions Spring 2012 here), “is an in-depth exploration of human rights as a historical process, a normative idea, and a transnational political issue.  The first half of the course will focus on foundational philosophical issues regarding the idea of human rights (e.g. What is humanity?  What are rights?  Are human rights universal?) and explore the evolution of this idea throughout modern history.  The second half of the course will cover human rights as a political phenomenon as it relates to state sovereignty and the international system, through which students will explore the progress and challenges of international human rights issues.”

We applaud Emerson for offering such a course, the students for enthusiastically participating, and the teacher for his expertise.  We hope more and more high schools and universities will design and offer similar courses in their humanities and Chinese studies programs, to further the next generation’s awareness of human rights abuse in China and around the world.

To arrange a group tour of the Laogai Museum and a talk with Harry Wu, please email laogai@laogai.org or call 202-730-9308.  We look forward to hosting you!


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