Established by the Laogai Research Foundation in 2008, the mission of the Laogai Museum is to document and expose the Laogai System, China’s vast and brutal system of forced-labor prison camps.  Opened to the public in April 2011, our newly redesigned museum in the Dupont Circle area serves as a space for education, advocacy, and dialogue about human rights in China. Furthermore, it preserves the memory of the Laogai’s victims and raises awareness about the ongoing abuses of the Chinese Communist Party against its own people.

The museum style is bold, modern and engaging; it includes video interviews, short documentaries, Communist Party documents and prison artifacts. With free entry, self-guided tours, and bilingual signage, it is an ideal museum for visitors from the US and abroad who are interested in DC’s role in international advocacy, as well as DC residents seeking to hear an alternative voice about China.

Click here for more information about visiting the Laogai Museum, or Contact Us.  You can also follow us at twitter.com/LaogaiMuseum, or like us at facebook.com/LaogaiMuseum.

Learn more about life inside China’s Laogai prisons and how forced-labor products make their way into stores all over the world in Al Jazeera’s special program Slavery, A 21st Century Evil: Prison Slaves, with Laogai Museum founder Harry Wu.


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